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Running Bucket List and 2010 Goals February 10, 2010

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So I may be a little bit late on the goals and resolutions bandwagon, but I figured I’d post with some of the goals I have for this year, as well as some of my ultimate goals. Most of these are in terms of running, but rest assured, I have other goals as we

In 2010, I am going to try my hardest to:

  1. Run a half marathon– I am already signed up for the Hyannis Half Marathon on February 28, and the Run to Remember on May 31. I am also thinking about running the Worcester Half Marathon on June 13, depending on how I’m feeling after R2R.
  2. Run a 1:45 or faster half marathon– this translates to a pace of about 8:00/mile, which is definitely achievable for me in my first half even. If not, I’ll definitely get it the second or third time around!
  3. Train for and run a full marathon– I’m looking to run a full marathon in October. I’ve got my heart set on the Marine Corps Marathon for many reasons, so hopefully I’ll be able to get an entry.
  4. Run 1500+ miles– this translates to roughly 30 miles per week. I’m on track so far!
  5. Run a 21:00 or faster 5K (current PR is 21:54, so I need to shave off 54+ seconds, or 18s/mile)
  6. Run a 45:00 or faster 10K (current PR is 47:12, so I need to shave off 2:12, or 21s/mile). I loved the Tufts 10K for Women this past October, and definitely want to run it again!
  7. This is the big, major, almost out of reach goal: Qualify for Boston! I really, really REALLY want to run the 2011 Boston Marathon, for many reasons. If worst comes to worst, I will get an entry to Boston by running for a charity such as Team in Training, but for my own pride I’d really love to qualify on my own merit.  To qualify for Boston would mean being able to run 26.2 miles at an 8:23 pace. Right now, 8:30 is a pretty effortless pace for me, so I think that this is achievable with the right training. Once I start the official marathon training after my halfs, I plan on logging 50 miles per week to make sure that I can do this!

Other non-running goals that I have for this year are:

  1. Become financially independent, find a higher paying job,  and move out– Although I am employed full-time right now, my “permanent substitute” teacher salary at a Catholic school is pretty pathetic. Heck, janitors and toll booth collectors make more than I do, and I have a college degree! I’d really like to find a job where I enjoy what I’m doing but get paid a more reasonable salary. Since I am already licensed to teach in public schools, making that switch come the fall would almost double what I’m making right now, thus allowing me to move out of my parents’ house and still be able to pay my ridiculous loan bills.
  2. Keep in touch with my friends from college and Spain– I’m notorious for losing friends because we don’t stay in contact enough. For me, it seems like out of state=out of mind, unfortunately. Things like texting and facebook should make this easier, but it’s still going to take an effort on my part. I made some great friends in college that I don’t want to lose, even if I can’t see them on a regular basis. Plus, who knows if I’ll end up moving back to DC! 😉
  3. Decide on and apply to grad school– I know I definitely want to get at least a masters’ degree in something, but I still don’t know what. My ideas change weekly, but recent contenders have been education, speech pathology, linguistics, social work, law, counseling, and more…. I need to make a decision and actually apply to grad school, so I can get going in the right direction.
  4. Keep my room neater– not likely, but it’s nice to dream.

I have an even bigger list than that, but I’ll leave it at the big and less personal/embarrassing ones for now. I’m a new blogger, so I’m not ready to share every little detail with the world yet! 😀